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MyBB.com Stolen and Offline Security

I’m just sitting here contemplating the past 24 hours events. I’m feeling very uneasy about the recent attack on MyBB.com. Apparently the registrar and host of MyBB.com was socially engineered into changing information. Whois information and DNS was changed so the domain redirected to the criminals site. They personally named me as part of the […]

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Parked Pages Are The Highways Billboards

Millions of domains are parked at such places as Fabulous, Sedo, or Parked.  These domains are undeveloped with many waiting for high-end buyers willing to pay top dollar.  Parking pages can generate a great deal of income for the domain owner.  How it works and what the effects on the internet are todays topic. I […]

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Filezilla FTP Tutorial

Most of you are reading this tutorial because you are hosting a site or doing something else which involves access onto a web disk and you have no idea of what to do. But don’t fret! I will guide you through the process of uploading files onto that web disk. Requirements: FTP program (more about […]

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Chrome is shining for Google

Today is the day Google has officially released the Chrome beta. If you haven’t heard Google has decided to enter the browser wars. It’s about time too. Internet Explorer still holds a vast majority of the market share with about 75% while Firefox has 20% and the rest share the remainder. I personally use Opera […]

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Google Browser (Chrome)

Rumors are flying about that Google does plan to release a browser shortly. One that will directly compete against it’s long-term partner the Mozilla Foundation (Firefox).  The first news outlet was actually Google itself in their Google Blog.  There are now some screenshots available which display a rather simple browser. I am looking forward to […]

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