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MyBB.com Stolen and Offline Security

I’m just sitting here contemplating the past 24 hours events. I’m feeling very uneasy about the recent attack on MyBB.com. Apparently the registrar and host of MyBB.com was socially engineered into changing information. Whois information and DNS was changed so the domain redirected to the criminals site. They personally named me as part of the […]

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Shill Bidding At Snapnames?

In an email recieved on November 4th I was informed that a top executive at Snapnames was fired for shill bidding. For those unfamiliar with the practice it’s when an insider is falsly bidding on an auction to artificially inflate the price. The accused is Nelson Brady who was the VP of Engineering. While many […]

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A New Support Forum Blossoms

On October 3rd, 2009 I began a new forum. With some of my other forums coming to an end or being sold off I took a moment to view my porfolio of possible domain names to use. I had some great choices such as UniverseForums.com, PronForum.com, or even TorrentForum.net. After asking around for opinions at […]

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Parked Pages Are The Highways Billboards

Millions of domains are parked at such places as Fabulous, Sedo, or Parked.  These domains are undeveloped with many waiting for high-end buyers willing to pay top dollar.  Parking pages can generate a great deal of income for the domain owner.  How it works and what the effects on the internet are todays topic. I […]

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Dot Com Grows in Power as TLDs Explode

Recently over at Namepros there was this discussion about the dot coms vs other TLDs.  Much of the discussion was based on the effects of the new policy by ICANN to lower it’s standards for accepting new TLDs.  Previously it was a rigorous process often resulting in years of paperwork and ultimately many were turned […]

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Schwartz Complains But Not Enough

http://www.dnjournal.com/newsletters/2008/august.htm Go ahead and give that page a read then come back to read this article as my response. I read the article by Duke and it’s fantastic as usual. It highlights perfectly the problems of “domaining” and that is development. Not one word about development from Schwartz. Here is a guy that’s top 10 […]

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