A New Support Forum Blossoms

On October 3rd, 2009 I began a new forum. With some of my other forums coming to an end or being sold off I took a moment to view my porfolio of possible domain names to use. I had some great choices such as UniverseForums.com, PronForum.com, or even TorrentForum.net. After asking around for opinions at Hack Forums with a list of 10 possible domains one domain stood out. It was SupportForums.net.

It made sense especially to the existing base I had at HF. A couple weeks had passed and some crazy antics had occurred. HF was taken down by a defacement and server exploit. Annoyed and rather frustrated I took the site offline for about 3 days. Eventually HF came back to life but not before I recommitted myself to a new forum. Out of that fiasco Support Forums was born.

It’s weeks after launch now and the site is doing very well. I had promoted it on various sites I own and that I am a member of. Currently SF has 1100 members and 19,000 posts. By all standards that’s very good for a 3 week old site.

I hope to continue to see SF grow and that anyone reading this takes the time to give it a visit.


Thank you.

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