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Success and Failure

Success can be your worst enemy. That’s probably the best statement I can make about my current situation. To many the word success means just they’ve made it happen and life is grand. And while in some respects there is truth to that. There is also this element of having peaked and from there it’s […]

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A Day Gone Wrong and Right

A Day Gone Wrong and Right Yesterday was some goofy day. I had 2 days of HF stuff I was behind on. Lots of PMs, emails, and orders to catch up with. I had a good night of sleep though and was ready to take on the day. Within 10 mins of turning on the […]

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My 9/11 Story

It’s hard not to be honest about a day that changed your life. One can even say it’s impossible. The moments never forgotten that are ingrained into your thoughts. The emotions you feel when inevitably you have a flashback. So my telling of 9/11 will be the truth as I recall it. It will be […]

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Trying to Become an Alcoholic

As a stay at home dad it’s at times very boring.  I have done so many things in life and I realize I have never been a drunk.  I have at times been close.  It’s an achievement that has seemed elusive.  There was always more pressing matters like responsibilities of a job or my previous […]

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