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Success and Failure

Success can be your worst enemy. That’s probably the best statement I can make about my current situation. To many the word success means just they’ve made it happen and life is grand. And while in some respects there is truth to that. There is also this element of having peaked and from there it’s […]

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The Nut Cancer Incident

I’ve had sum lumps on my testicles for some months now. I’ve been very worried about it. At first I was like “wtf is that” and as the months passed and I tried to monitor them. I noticed more lumps. The worry and anxiety grew as I started to wonder if this was cancer. I’m […]

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A Day Gone Wrong and Right

A Day Gone Wrong and Right Yesterday was some goofy day. I had 2 days of HF stuff I was behind on. Lots of PMs, emails, and orders to catch up with. I had a good night of sleep though and was ready to take on the day. Within 10 mins of turning on the […]

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MyBB.com Stolen and Offline Security

I’m just sitting here contemplating the past 24 hours events. I’m feeling very uneasy about the recent attack on MyBB.com. Apparently the registrar and host of MyBB.com was socially engineered into changing information. Whois information and DNS was changed so the domain redirected to the criminals site. They personally named me as part of the […]

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My 9/11 Story

It’s hard not to be honest about a day that changed your life. One can even say it’s impossible. The moments never forgotten that are ingrained into your thoughts. The emotions you feel when inevitably you have a flashback. So my telling of 9/11 will be the truth as I recall it. It will be […]

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MyBB Project Purchases MyBB.com

Mybb Project has run under Mybboard.net for many years. It was a less than optimal domain name but as many know all the good domains are taken. The owners of MyBB.com was Buy Domains. When I began using the MyBB software for my forums I wondered about the premium domain MyBB.com and contacted BD. They […]

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MyBB and Increasing Performance

With my largest forum, hackforums.net,  I have had some great difficulty with MySQL lately. To give you an overview I had a 1.8gb database with 4 million records total. Multiple times per day mysql tables would lock until the server would reach max connections and crash. I have been battling this for months and it’s […]

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Shill Bidding At Snapnames?

In an email recieved on November 4th I was informed that a top executive at Snapnames was fired for shill bidding. For those unfamiliar with the practice it’s when an insider is falsly bidding on an auction to artificially inflate the price. The accused is Nelson Brady who was the VP of Engineering. While many […]

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A New Support Forum Blossoms

On October 3rd, 2009 I began a new forum. With some of my other forums coming to an end or being sold off I took a moment to view my porfolio of possible domain names to use. I had some great choices such as UniverseForums.com, PronForum.com, or even TorrentForum.net. After asking around for opinions at […]

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Parked Pages Are The Highways Billboards

Millions of domains are parked at such places as Fabulous, Sedo, or Parked.  These domains are undeveloped with many waiting for high-end buyers willing to pay top dollar.  Parking pages can generate a great deal of income for the domain owner.  How it works and what the effects on the internet are todays topic. I […]

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