As a stay at home dad it’s at times very boring.  I have done so many things in life and I realize I have never been a drunk.  I have at times been close.  It’s an achievement that has seemed elusive.  There was always more pressing matters like responsibilities of a job or my previous business in New York City.

So how do I start?  Do I just get drunk as frequently as I can?  Do I start drinking for breakfast?  Lately I been into bloody mary’s and boy those are good. Nice and spicy with that nice vegetabe tomato taste.  I really love them.  I am also a fan of Gin and Tonic which I have been steadily drinking for over a decade. It’s what I consider my fallback drink.  Pretty hard to screw it up at just about any establishment.  My preference is Bombay Sapphire gin.

Doesn't that gin look so tasty?

Doesn't that gin look tasty?

I do drink plenty of beer as well.   I used to be a big fan of imported brews like Amstel Light.  However when I moved to Las Vegas somehow it tasted different.  I suspect all the travel the bottles do changes somehow the flavor.  Just a suspicion but I could totally be wrong.  When I arrived the selection was very domestic and there aren’t too many microbrewery’s like NYC.  So I have lowered the quality and was drinking Bud Light. Yes I realize how low-brow that might seem to you.  I tend to agree.  Oddly now that Budweiser has been sold to a European company does that make Budweiser an imported beer?  I do like the new Bud Light Lime.  It’s not bad at all.  But currently my favorite suds of choice is Coors Light.  I blame a local pub for having the coldest damn beer on tap I have ever had.  Makes the beer just so much better. It’s actually frozen a bit on the top when you get it.  It’s simply awesome.  So many bars just don’t have their kegs cold enough and well, I am not from England so warm beer tastes like piss to me.

So back to my original thought.  How do I become an alcoholic?  You have to be thinking “why would you want that?” and well it’s just a simple answer.  I am bored and I like to experience new things.